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WP BlogIt all began five years ago.  One year after we arrived in a small town in West Texas.  I was bored and depressed.  We had just moved from our fast paced, stressful life in Las Vegas, Nevada.  And I had just quit the “corporate cult” I wholly immersed my life into for four years.

I felt lost not being in a “corporate cult.”  I was having a withdrawal.  Work seems to have defined my identity and elevated my self-esteem.  Now that I don’t work, I am losing purpose.  I felt guilty for not working.  My husband was calling me ungrateful, and still does, because I couldn’t appreciate staying home and just be a good homemaker.

When I was working 60 – 70 hours per week, I dreamed of staying home and sleeping in.  I dreamed of sleeping peacefully, free of nightmares about promotions, giveaways, and special events.  I dreamed of spending all holidays with my husband and our son, instead of working in smoky, musty and loud environment full of people who have gambled their lives based on luck.

Now that dream is a reality.  Yet, I am riddled with guilt.

While I was trying to figure out what it is that I want to do for the rest of my life, I started experimenting with different recipes in our tiny and cramped kitchen.

During this time, my husband discovered and introduced me to Yahoo 360 Blog.  I then started my own blog in March 2006.  I started posting the recipes I have tested in our tiny kitchen, with full colored pictures.  At a time when even did not have picture accompanying their recipes posted on their website.  Also, during this time, people did not freely share their recipes online like they do now.  My Y360 blog garnered over 600,000 page views in just two months while featured as one of the most interesting pages. I was besieged with emails from people around the world.  While I enjoyed my 15 seconds of fame, I also feared that some of these people might show up at my doorsteps uninvited.  Nevertheless, it was a wonderful experience and got me hooked on food blogs!

Before March 2006, I have always cooked.  But I did not methodically write detailed notes and steps on how I cooked.  Twenty years before that, when I met my husband… I was a mediocre cook.  My half-sister taught me how to cook few Filipino dishes but not something that my husband liked.  One day I decided to try to cook something to impress my husband.  So I pulled open one of his cookbooks – “Cooking For One” by Betty Crocker and tried to recreate a “pork stuffed chicken breast.”  That recipe required ground pork and a boneless chicken breast.  I did not have ground pork, so I cut them into pieces and loaded them up in his Black & Decker Blender.  I barely finished grinding the pork when smokes started coming out of the base of the blender!  I blew the blender motor and rendered his blender unusable!  I was 19.  Young and dumb.  I did not grow up with kitchen equipment and didn’t read the instruction manual.  I didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to grind pork in a blender! Despite  a totally blown-out blender, I managed to cook the stuffed chicken with pork and was extremely surprised that my husband liked it.

Twenty five years later, I still cook to impress him.  And he still remembers that chicken dish.  And he remembers his broken blender.   He admitted that that was one of the best chicken dishes he’s ever had…

Thank you for reading my humble blog.  I hope you find something  worth sharing with your family and friends.

Tess Harris

P.S.  For a closer and more intimate look of where I come from, please click here.

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