Who is Bisayanqueen?

Writing is therapeutic… and refreshing.  Revisiting my past gives me a window to the present… it makes me appreciate what I have and how far I’ve become…

Cooking is a way to day dream and escape.  A way to relax and wind down.  It’s what i do when i want to be alone with my thoughts.   Most especially… it is one of the ways I show my family how much I care about them…


My name is Tess Harris.

I had a successful blog on the now defunct Yahoo 360, and garnered over 600,000 page views from August to September 2006 while featured as one of the most interesting pages. I felt like a filipina celebrity.  People have tried and tested the recipes I posted, and kept coming back for more.

Since Yahoo 360’s closure, I lost interest in the blogs and could not find a platform to express my creative side.  I was amazed at how many people – ex Y360 friends, bloggers and pinay were searching for me.  They wanted to know if I started another blog somewhere else.  Some wished they could access my recipes again.

Last month, February 2010, my husband, Willie, suggested that I should just create another blog…  “You know you should just start another blog and put your recipes out there.  They’ll be people that could use your recipes, read your stories and learn from it.  You’ve already got them… you’ve already spent plenty of time and efforts in creating them.  Just put them out there for people to see. ”

That’s when I decided to make WordPress my new home.

My blogs are not just about food.  They are stories about my life, my family and our experiences, weaved into the recipes.  I often talked about the two most important people in my life – my husband and my son, and the food I cook for them.

Thanks for visiting.

I hope you leave with something a little more than when you came…


Tess Harris

P.S. You can read more about Bisayanqueen here.

28 thoughts on “Who is Bisayanqueen?

  1. So glad I found you…i’ve tried several of your recipes and they’re the BOMB! I especially liked your pumpkin cheese cake which has been a family tradition for the last 3 years!
    thank you for posting your recipes again and THANK YOU WILLIE for encouraging Tess to do it.

    Veronica Pedro

    • Hi Veronica!

      Thank you… It’s great to see you here too!

      I am pleased to hear that you’ve tested and liked several of my recipes… Thank you for telling me…

      You are welcome to try the new recipes here… in this blog.

      Again, thanks for stopping by…

      See you around… 🙂

      Tess Harris

  2. Tess I am so glad you found a new outlet for your recipes… I totally miss yahoo360 and I miss all your food pics which made me so hungry to try your dishes.. ( i secretly called your blog , “My food Porn” because I needed to come back and see what you have been cooking and what yummy pics you post 🙂 I am glad to see you have a new page.. and hope you are well

    • Hi, Jessica!

      Thank you. Me too.

      Yeah… Yahoo 360 was too good to last.

      Haha. That’s funny. Nowadays “food porn” is such a common terms among food bloggers. But back then, four years ago, when I started my blog on Y360, food pics were rare on the internet. Even the biggest food channel – FoodNetwork did not have pictures with their recipes. Now… having pictures on food blogs are a MUST. Everybody has caught on… 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a wonderful message. It’s very nice to see you here.



  3. wow! so glad you’re on WP, Tess. we go way back when yahoo360 was “alive” and now I’m glad I found you again. just to let you know, I’ve got you linked to my WP blog too.

    very happy I can get to enjoy your recipes again 🙂

  4. Hello Tess…
    i’m very happy to see you again & yes i was looking for you in the net. Since Y360 was down. 😦 Sad case… i love to read your story & try your delicious recipes. Specialty chess cake! hahahaha.. love it so much.
    Have a nice days.

    Erine J

    • Hello, Erine…

      Thanks for visiting me here. It’s good to see you.

      I posted one cheesecake recipe here so far. I’ll be sure to post more in the future.

      Come back as often as you like… 🙂


  5. TESS!!! I finally got the chance to thank you for returning to us…I’ve been busy, but, I promised myself that when time allows, I would express my gratitude for you taking time out of your everyday life to pacify your “spoiled brats” who enjoy the beautiful, edible creative dishes that you’ve shared with us. Thank you! Let me get my apron and get to reading.

  6. Hey Tess,
    Glad to see you again on the Web. I’ve joined your site and I see that you have a Twitter page. I’m following you on there too.

    Take care,

  7. Hi Tess,
    I found your page…Hooray!!!! I have been missing your recipes..How are you and your family? I am loving it here in Kentucky. I have started to play with canning my own food. This year when I harvest my crops, I am planning to can instead of freezing. Its so nice to see you online.
    .Do you have a Facebook account, it seems all of the old Yahoo 360 people went to Facebook.
    Take cAre and have a great Mothers Day!!
    Love, Mary

    • Hi, Mary!

      Me too… I’m glad you found me.
      My family and I are doing great…
      How ’bout you…?
      I’m glad you are loving Kentucky…
      So… what have you been planting…? Must be nice to have some fresh produce.

      … yes, I am on Facebook… here is my link:


      Happy Mother’s Day to you, too.



  8. tess i m so happy that yout husband did say so .. still waiting to see you in Hamburg ..
    I m still on multiply .. the closure on yahoo was a great mess ..I dislike it now and stopped blogging there
    hope to smell your food further on best to you and your family
    love andrea

    • Hi, Andrea!

      What a surprise! It’s good to see you here!

      Haha. Yeah… my husband is the genius behind me. 🙂

      … in Hamburg. That would be nice… maybe one of these days… 😉

      Anyway… thanks for stopping by. I hope to see you here, more often…



  9. Hey Tess,

    You know how I feel about your recipes & how proud I am of you for starting this site. I look forward to trying more of your yummy dishes.

    I have posted your link on my MT page so everyone can enjoy your recipes.

    Keep us well fed 🙂


    • Thanks, Mario!
      The link on your blog, yes, I saw it. (I sneaked in on your MT blog, and quickly sneaked back out… :-))
      I liked what you wrote…
      I Thought that was very nice of you. Always thinking of your friends…
      And yes, it’s important to keep them well fed, to keep them happy! 🙂



      P.S. As i mentioned before, I will try to stay consistent and post every Wednesday…

  10. Hi, Tess!!!! It’s so great to view your edible artwork! Thank you for contacting me..I’m so eager to browse your recipes and preparing to drool and experiment your creations.

    Thank you for the welcome back!

    • Hi, Jill!
      You’re welcome
      Glad to see you here…
      … how are you and Mac? We missed you last year…
      How’s your adorable babies…? They always have a soft spot in my heart… 🙂

      Hugs! Tess

  11. Hi Tess, thanks for letting me know your new ‘home’. I always love to see your ‘masterpiece’ because i love to eat and just looking at the pics you posted makes me feel very hungry! Your blog is really very helpful for those like me who loves to eat but not very good in cooking… I am now a mother to a cutie and energetic baby boy that is why I am very eager to learn how to cook!

    Thanks again my friend for the invite! Take care!

    Gem/Jem aka. highsilvermoon

    • Gem, you’re welcome!
      It’s a pleasure seeing you here. I am happy to hear that people like you are influenced by my humble blog. It’s what inspires me to keep sharing…
      Congratulations on your bundle of joy. A baby boy, what a blessing!
      Keep cooking… the more you cook, the better you become…

      See you around… 🙂

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