Quick and Easy Nachos

I’ve been wanting to share this.

Very easy and quick.  A great appetizer.  A snack.  A quick meal.  And a great way to use canned re-fried beans and shredded cheese.

The ingredients are simple…

But first turn on your oven broiler and preheat on HIGH… With the rack placed in the second shelf from the top.

You will need:

A bag of corn tortillas triangles

A small can of re-fried beans

And a 16 ounce bag of Mexican Four Cheese…

Spread a single layer of corn tortillas in a baking sheet.

Spoon about 1 tablespoon of re-fried beans into the corn tortillas.

Top each tortilla with the Mexican Four Cheese.

Now these babies are ready to go under the broiler…

*** Reduce the broiler to LOW…

Place the baking sheet under the broiler until cheese are melted.  About 3 – 5 minutes.

NOTE:  Keep your eyes on the nachos while under the broiler.  They can burn easy.  If your oven is hotter… the cheese can melt faster and the corn tortilla chips can quickly burn.

Remove nachos from the oven just as soon as the cheese melted and the edges of the corn tortilla chips are lightly brown and crisp…

Serve warm.

Enjoy guys! And Happy Cooking…

Tess Harris


8 thoughts on “Quick and Easy Nachos

  1. Hey Tess your back ~ you have been missed. Me luv nachos so this is awesome. Keep the recipes coming. Huggerooos :o)

  2. Not a big fan of refried beans, but I bet substituting seasoned taco meat would work just as well. Love those new hint of lime tortillas chips. Great snack to have when friends are over. So nice to see you back Tess with a posting!

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