Strawberry Lemonade

This Strawberry Lemonade was inspired by our visit to Chili’s Bar and Grill Restaurant several weeks ago.

I prefer flavored tea and lemonade over carbonated soda at any time.  And that day, I decided to order Strawberry Lemonade.  It tasted so good.  Not too sweet and not too tart, I drank 2 large full glasses.  And I hated leaving my third glass unfinished!

Their lemonade left an impression in my mind.  I wanted to make it when I got home.  I know how it tasted, therefore I can recreate it while the taste still vivid in my memory.  And so I did…

I know I should be drinking water.  Because plain, filtered water is good for the body.  But damnit!  I get tired of drinking water!  So sometimes, or maybe more often than not, I want to drink something other than water.  And this Strawberry Lemonade feels like heaven compared to water.  And besides, I reason to myself, drinking other types of liquid, like this lemonade is better than completely dehydrating myself.  Which I often do.

When I was little, we had to walk 2 miles to fetch drinking water.  And we only drank water when we felt thirsty.  And so I had this moronic understanding that I only drink water when I’m thirsty.  That’s what we did when I was little!

But as I got older, I learned that by the time you feel thirsty.  It’s too late.  Your body is already dehydrated.  So I should drink water – a minimum of  32 ounces for my body weight, every 3 hours.  Or 2½ hours after eating a meal.  My goal is to drink 4 quarts of water daily, before bedtime…

Drinking water every 3 hours is easier said than done.  It is difficult to drink water when one is not thirsty.  I honestly don’t know how others keep themselves hydrated when most of their fluid intake is carbonated soda or sweetened drinks.  I guess drinking some kind of fluid is better than no fluid at all.  And besides, our bodies adapt to anything.

This is where I run into trouble.  We do not regularly keep carbonated sodas or sweet drinks in our home.  What we have are gallons of spring water for drinking.

So when I started making this Strawberry Lemonade, we have an excuse to avoid spring water in between our “water drinking schedule.”  At least there are no artificial or chemical additives in this lemonade.  And it’s loaded with vitamin C.  So there… that’s my excuse for not drinking water like I’m supposed to…

So if you’re like me.  You would want to make this Strawberry Lemonade to treat yourself in between your plain water intake.  Besides, strawberries are in season right now.  So if you have abundant access to strawberries.  This lemonade is a great way to get rid of those strawberries.  Though in my case, I use frozen whole strawberries.  Just because they’re much cheaper than the fresh ones.  Texas is far away from strawberry growing farms, so strawberries here, even when they are in season, are still not dirt cheap.


Here’s how to make this thirst quenching Strawberry Lemonade…

You will need: 16 ounce package of frozen whole strawberries.  Or you could use fresh ones, granulated sugar, and filtered water.

In a large pot, combine strawberries and sugar.

And then add clean, filtered water.

Stir until sugar is dissolve over medium heat.

Bring mixture to a boil.  Once boiling, reduce heat and simmer strawberries for about 10 minutes.  Or until strawberries are pale pink.

Mash the strawberries on the side of the pot using a spoon.


Remove mashed strawberries using a strainer and discard.

Add the freshly squeezed lemon juice into the strawberry liquid.

Take 2 half gallon pitchers or glass jars, and pour the strawberry syrup into the jars, dividing syrup equally between two jars.

Fill each jar with cold water.

Serve with ice.

The Recipe:

Strawberry Lemonade – Yield: 1 gallon

1 – 16 ounces pkg. frozen whole strawberries

2 ¾ cup granulated sugar

4 cups water

3 large lemons – juiced

In a large pot, combine frozen strawberries, sugar and water.

Stir over medium heat and bring mixture to a boil.  Once boiling, reduce heat and simmer for about 10 minutes or until strawberries are mushy and have turned into pale pink in color.

Turn off heat.

Using the back of the spoon, mash strawberries.  And then remove them into a strainer, pressing the strawberries through the strainer, to squeeze as much liquid from them.  Discard mashed strawberries.

Take 2 half gallon pitchers or glass jars, and pour the strawberry syrup into the jars, dividing syrup equally between two jars.  Fill each jar with cold water.

Chill strawberry lemonade before serving.

Serve with crushed ice.

Tess’ Kitchen Secrets:

#1 – The bright, red colors of strawberries give this lemonade that bright red color.   So if your strawberries are not as red, then the strawberry syrup is not going to be as red as well. (If you like, add a drop of red food coloring into the syrup before pouring it into the jars.)

#2 – Fresh lemon juice has no substitute.  Use more or less depending on how tart your like your lemonade.

#3 – You get all that goodness and colors from strawberries by simmering them.

Enjoy and Happy Cooking!

Tess Harris

6 thoughts on “Strawberry Lemonade

  1. HI Tess, Love this recipe!! I am going to make it today. It is 89 here in Kentucky and we need some refreshment. Hope you and your family ar ehaving a great weekend.
    Thanks for your continued blog of wonderful recipes..
    Mary 🙂

    • Thank you Mary!

      Oh yeah. This drink is most wonderful on hot days. I make it 3 times a week… so refreshing!

      … you’re welcome. I’m glad you get to try some of the recipes you like… 🙂



  2. Tess, how do you manage to drink 64 oz or a 2 liter container of water every 3 hours? Not only would I constantly be in the bathroom, but I don’t think I could stomach that much water in a day. I agree to disagree that one needs to drink a certain amount of water daily. More and more doctors are now saying to just drink when you are thirsty. Where I agree is the more water one drinks, the better the chance of flushing out all those bad toxins. And drinking water just before a meal will fill you up more, wanting less of the meal. I bring a large bottle of water to work with me daily, and drink that while I’m there.

    I’m not much on sweetened drinks. I dislike milk, so I’m a unsweetened iced tea drinker, when I’m not drinking water. Your Strawberry Lemonade sounds very refreshing, especially on those hot summer days. I’ll keep it tucked away til then. Should you have any extra heat down there, PLEASE send it up my way. Still on the cool side here with snow flurries in the forecast for tomorrow. Fingers crossed for better days ahead 🙂

    • Tess,

      I don’t. And I got my numbers wrong. It should be 32 ounces or 1 quart every three hours. I am doing good if I could drink 3 or 4 quarts daily before I go to bed. And yes, that’s why I don’t like drinking too much water because I have to go to bathroom a lot. If I can’t stomach water, I cheat with Strawberry Lemonade…

      I love sweet iced tea. But the caffeine gets me riled up and keeps me up all night. So the Strawberry Lemonade is a great substitute, except the sugar contents of it. But it’s so good to drink on a hot day!

      Our weather is crazy here in Texas. It’s in the 60s at night, and 80s and 90s during the day… And we don’t get much rain…

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