lumpia wrappers


2 thoughts on “lumpia wrappers

  1. I bought this lumpia wrappers from Commissary to make lumpia but it was so difficult peel each wrapper, I have to throw away half of them. Do you know easy to peel?

    • Yoko san. Sorry to hear about your experience. The same thing happened to me before until I found the ones that are separated with parchment paper.

      I found that Orientex brand is the easiest to peel compared to other brands I’ve tried. Because each wrapper is separated with a piece of parchment paper. Or at least I am hoping that is what you bought.
      Also, lumpia wrappers are usually sold frozen, and therefore needs to be fully thawed out before each wrapper is separated.
      If the wrappers are too dry, wrap them with damp kitchen towel for about 10 minutes before carefully separating.
      I hope it works well for you next time.


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