Going Bananas

“On a traffic light green means go and yellow means yield, but on a banana it’s just the opposite. Green means hold on, yellow means go ahead, and red means where the hell did you get that banana at … ” – Mitch Hedberg

I started this blog six months ago with the intention of re-posting all of my recipes from my Yahoo360 Blog.

Easy enough.  The plan was for me to post a recipe once a week.

That I have done.  I have been posting every Thursday.  Except in April and May when I was too busy shuttling between four cities and two states.

My problem started when I decided to write more.  And with me writing more – about my past and experiences, I feel that this blog is taking a different turn. It’s no longer just about food.  This past few months, I have been doing a lot of soul searching and have been writing quite a lot about myself and where I come from.  In fact, I think I have been a little too honest.  Which I sometimes couldn’t believe what I have been posting and it makes me cringe.  I must admit that in most of my previous posts, it took a bit of courage to put my life story for public viewing.  And to think that I’m only scratching the surface.  There’s a lot more to be told which I may never have the courage to do so.  I shall see.

So what’s the point in all this?

I feel my blog is losing direction.  And it’s all over the place.

I think the name – AmerAsian Home Cooking fall short of describing what this blog is really all about.  It doesn’t represent wholly the contents of this blog.  And over the past few weeks, I have been thinking about changing it.  I just haven’t come up with the perfect name yet.  I’ll have to keep thinking.

So for now, I am simply putting my thoughts out here and let everyone know what to expect in the near future.

All previous posts will remain untouched.  And I will keep posting stories and recipes every Thursday.

My goal is simple:  To have a cohesive blog – with short stories and recipes at the end of each blog.   And a blog name that would entirely describe its contents.


I made these pancakes last week when I had way too many bananas and they were starting to get over ripe, and I don’t like eating over ripened bananas.  So I decided to make pancakes since I love pancakes anyway.

Very easy and delicious.  And I especially love 100% maple syrup drizzled over them.  Next time… I think I am going to spread creamy peanut butter and then drizzle them with maple syrup.


Here’s the recipe.

Dairy Free Banana Pancakes

1 cup all purpose unbleached flour

1 TBSP. granulated sugar

2 tsps. baking powder

¼ tsp. salt

1 large egg – beaten

¾ cup almond or rice milk – of course you can use regular milk

1 TBSP. coconut oil or extra light olive oil + more for brushing the pan

1 TBSP. apple sauce

2 large ripe bananas – mashed

½ tsp. pure vanilla extract

Sift flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt into a medium size mixing bowl.  Set aside.

In another mixing bowl, beat egg and then whisk in milk, coconut oil, and apple sauce.  Add mashed bananas and vanilla extract.  Whisk until mixture is combined.  Pour this mixture over the flour mixture.  Again, whisk until flour is well incorporated and moistened.  Batter will be slightly lumpy because of the bananas.

Heat a non-stick skillet over medium heat and lightly brush with coconut oil.  (Do this as necessary or for each new batch of pancakes.   Scope about ½ cup of the batter into the skillet or griddle for each pancake.

Cook one side for 4 – 5 minutes.  Flip and cook the other side for 2 – 3 minutes.  (On your second or third batch, pancakes will cook even much faster then.  So carefully watch them.)

Serve hot with maple syrup or with your favorite pancake syrup.

NOTE:  You could use melted butter in place of coconut oil.

The lumps that you see on the batter are small pieces of bananas.

Tess’ Kitchen Secrets:

#1 – I use a non-stick skillet with cover.  The pancakes cooks faster this way.

#2 – I place the bananas in quart size ziploc bag and mash the bananas by squeezing them inside the bag.  Cut a hole on the bag and squeeze onto the pancake mixture.

Enjoy and Happy Cooking!

Tess Harris

4 thoughts on “Going Bananas

  1. Tess this is your site to do with it as you please. I like the stories cause it lets us get to know you & your recipes are AWESOME ~ I also like your kitchen secrets. I have printed out many of your recipes & have a folder with all of them & called it Tess’s Treasures. We often reach to the web to look for new & exciting meals to try but I find myself always reaching back to something of yours. You know your spaghetti sauce is my favorite of all time & have given that out to tons of my friends cause they all luv it to. I came on today to tell you we made your Bacon Wrapped Burgers yesterday & OMG they were amazing. So my opinion is don’t stop what your doing cause it’s working…..you got me hooked.

    Now these pancakes sound & look gr8…..another treasure that I will be trying.

    Hugggerooos 🙂

    • Thanks Mario!

      Your comments means a lot to me. It really does.

      It feels good to know that someone out there is actually reading my humble blog and trying out some of the recipes I am sharing here…

      Thanks for letting me know that you’ve tried the Bacon Wrapped Burgers. I am glad it came out good, and you liked them.

      Hugs! 🙂

  2. Hi, Mary,

    Thank you very much. I greatly appreciates your comments.

    I feel the same way. I am glad you’ve kept up with me all this time… even after you moved to Kentucky.

    As for a book… Yes. It’s definitely on the horizon. I just have to do the WORK. I’ll keep you posted.

    We are doing fine. Thanks for asking.

    I am happy to hear that you are loving Kentucky and that you get to farm there… What fruits and vegetables are you growing and harvesting this year…?


  3. HI Tess,
    I think your wrong. I love the way your blog is going. The recipes are great, but the stories that go with them are outstanding. You are such an intresting person and I find myself checking out your blog more often then before. Tess I have been resding your blogs for years now and I feel a connetion to you more than ever. As for the name of your blog, I guess that would have to come from your life experience. Have you ever thought about doing a book? I think it would be great!! Keep on blogging and I will keep on reading and cooking!!
    Anyway I hope all is well with you otherwise. I am farming and loving this new life in Kentucky.
    Love Ya,

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