Thai Beef Salad

I wasn’t sure what I was going to post today.

All I know is I wanted to share something easy.  Something good that everyone can make.

I should be spanked, because I had all week to think about this, but instead I have been burying my nose in a book I’ve been reading.  “Baby, Let’s Play House ~ Elvis Presley and the Women who Loved Him” by Alanna Nash.  A very interesting book.  A deeper look into the life of Elvis Presley.   I’m not a diehard fan of Elvis Presley.  I’ve only seen parts of his movies, and heard him sing a few songs.  Still, I simply couldn’t put this book down.  I am now on page 335, halfway through the book.  I learned one juicy information about him and his ex-wife Priscella Presley:  she wasn’t a virgin as everyone made to believed she was when Elvis married her, and even when he met her when she was 14 years old!

Anyway, I’ve decided on Thai Beef Salad.  Something spicy, tasty, simple and easy.

I first tasted Thai Beef Salad 23 years ago back in the Philippines.  But I did not make it until years later, when we moved to the U.S.

This is one my husband’s favorite dishes.  Since he loves spicy foods, I made this salad extra hot.  Though if you cannot handle the heat, you can still make this salad work for you by reducing the hot peppers or removing them all together.  Don’t worry, the only thing you’ll be missing it the fiery taste in your mouth, the salad will remain tasty!

I’ve made different versions of this salad, using romaine and lettuce heads.  I’ve also pan seared the steaks in a very hot skillet, without marinating the meat, and simply seasoning them with kosher salt, ground black pepper, ground coriander and monosodium glutamate.  But I think the best ones are when the steaks are marinated and grilled. But since I don’t have access to a patio with a grill, I’ve settled for broiling the steaks in the oven.

Here’s what you need…

Ingredients for Salad:

2 (1½ pound each) porterhouse steaks – marinated

½ large yellow onion – finely sliced – across

½ large red onion – finely sliced – across

3 large cucumbers – peeled and seeds removed and sliced.

4 medium size tomatoes – quartered

1 Romaine lettuce – chopped


½ cup chopped cilantro

2 – 6 red chili peppers – stems removed and chopped

2 Jalapenos – seeds and membranes removed; chopped

6 cloves garlic – peeled and halves

½ cup or juice of 2 limes

½ cup fish sauce

½ tsp. freshly ground black pepper

1 tsp. kosher salt

Place all dressing ingredients in a blender.  Pulse to grate.

Or you can simply chop all the ingredients and mix as shown in the picture below.

Drizzle over the salad.

Steak Marinade:

4 tsp. Montreal Steak Seasonings or Lemon Pepper

4 tsp. kosher salt

2 tsp. ground coriander

1 tsp. dried basil

½ tsp. MSG – optional

1 tsp. dried oregano

5 cloves garlic – smashed, peeled and finely chopped

¼ small onion – finely diced

4 TBSPs. balsamic vinegar

Juice of 2 large limes

Combine all marinade ingredients in a large measuring cup.

Wash the steaks and squeeze out excess water.

Place the steaks in a gallon size freezer bag and pour the marinade.

Swish the bag around until the steaks are well coated with the marinade.

Let it marinate for at least 30 minutes or an hour.

Cook over a hot grill or broil steaks in the oven.  As for broiling, preheat the broiler for about 10 minutes.  Then broil steaks for about 8 minutes on one side, and then turn the steaks over and broil for another 5 minutes.

When done transfer steaks to a plate and cover with foil.  Let it rest for 5 minutes.  This process will allow the steaks to recover its juices.

Slice the steaks across the grain into thin slices.

In a large mixing bowl, combine steaks, sliced onions, cucumbers and quartered tomatoes.  Add the dressing and toss to coat beef and salads.

Add the chopped lettuce and toss.

Serve with rice on the side.

I pan seared the steaks in this picture.

Enjoy and Happy Cooking!


7 thoughts on “Thai Beef Salad

  1. We made this dish yesterday & it was yummy. Didn’t make it spicy though & it still tasted good. Today we put the beef over rice & that was lunch. You are turning us into great cooks 🙂

    Thnx Tess

    • Hi, M & B 😉
      It thrills me more than anything to hear someone having successes trying my recipes…
      I am glad the Thai beef salad came out good.
      Thanks for letting me know, M & B! 🙂

      • Tess,

        Personally, I would prefer it spicy as in your recipe but he doesn’t like spicy so what can you do. BTW, great recipes & site. I look forward each week to see what you’ll post cuz then we get to try them on the weekends. I’ll be making your cheesecake for Easter. Somewhat nervous about it not turning out as good as yours look (lol) but I’m going to try.


        • Bri…

          Here’s what you can do next time. And I’ve made this version too…

          Make two batches of the dressing, one spicy, and the other not spicy.

          And instead of mixing the dressing with the steaks and salad all together, make individual servings on the plate:

          > pile some veggie salad on the plate, topped with the sliced steaks, and then drizzle the dressing on top. This way, you can have it spicy, and he can have it the way he likes it…
          He’s happy and you’re happy…;-)

          As for the cheesecake, you should be fine. Yours might even come out firmer than the pic shown here as I’ve tweaked the recipe since I’ve originally posted it 3 years ago… 🙂

          • That’s a great idea, making 2 batches of the dressing. Never even though of it but that will work 🙂 thx.

            We’ll let u know how the cheesecake turns out.


  2. Looks really tasty Tess. I lov this type of food, but not too spicy or hot. Have you ever tried a George Foreman grill? My oldest son lives in an upstairs apartment, and uses this indoor grill when cooking his meats that he wants that grill flavor. It even leaves grill marks! lol And keeps the meat tender & juicy. I’ve been eating lots of salads as of lately, and will have to try this one out. Happy reading Tess 🙂

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